The First Header

This layout features Yuuko and the two Mokanas from xxxHOLiC. It's the first real "table layout" I've ever made. It was made with Paint Shop Pro 8 and coded in Notepad. It has been tested in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

About Usage

It is assumed that one who wants to use this layout knows a little HTML already. (How else could they use it?) Images to not need to be put in a separate folder. The CSS file does not need to be edited, so I suggest one does not attempt to do so unless they know what they are doing. The only file that needs to be edited is "index.html".

Terms of Usage

  • Please do not edit this layout and claim it as your own
  • Please do not redistribute this layout without my permission
  • Please do not remove the credits from this layout
  • Send any questions or comments to me

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